Mozilla Sprint @ PyCon Ireland – October 13th



Python Ireland has been kind enough to invite us to PyCon Ireland 2014! It’s happening on the weekend of October 11th and 12th and then we have an entire room to ourselves during the sprints on Monday, October 13th.

Stephen Murphy will be leading a FirefoxOS App workshop. Stephen is a member of Mozilla Ireland, a Mozilla Rep, and works as a web developer in Dublin. He likes Open Source, communities, and hacking on FxOS.

Stephen will lead attendees through the details of FxOS, how they can make their first app for it with App Manager, WebIDE, and much more.

Throughout the day, Ian Connolly will be leading a bug-fix sprint on a variety of Mozilla’s projects that are used everyday to build, test, and release their software.

Ian is a CS student at Trinity College and has just finished an internship with the Release Engineering team at Mozilla in San Francisco. He likes craft beer, good food, the open web, and all things F/OSS.

We’ll get new contributors up to speed on the processes involved, such as the use of Bugzilla and Github. We’ll expand test coverage, documentation, and hopefully close a few bugs too!

In the afternoon, we’ll be putting together an Intro to Rust group for anyone who is curious to learn about the language and we’ll hack on that and the above activities until we get chased out of the building!

The sprints are free and open to all so the more the merrier! Though if you are planning on attending, you should give the PyCon IE crew a heads-up by registering via

Mind you, if you have that weekend free then there is no better place for a lover of code to be than main event of PyCon Ireland! Awesome speakers, wonderful workshops, and a fantastic, friendly atmosphere. Go grab one of the remaining tickets! =D

P.S. We’ll upload some prerequisites a few days ahead of the event – basically stuff like making sure Python is installed on your machine really ;)

P.P.S. We have a and lanyrd event for it if you’re into those sorts of things!

Monthly Meet Up: Sept 2014

Sean Collins


Continuing on with the new format of having a monthly meet up to discuss upcoming events and also welcome new members or even just people looking for information about Mozilla/Mozilla Ireland, here is a little recap of our last meet up at the Bull & Castle Dublin which took place on the 18th of September.

The meetup brought along three new interested people as well as one returning member from our Next Firefox Event @ The meeting began with just some friendly introductions a few beers and then we got onto discussing the upcoming Pycon event and possibility of some of the new members to join us and help out with the event or future events.

Don’t forget to come along to our IRC Gathering on Oct 2nd which will be about the upcoming Pycon Event:

Keep an eye on this blog and Get Involved 

Thanks to all those who joined us at the event and we’ll see everyone at the next one!

Go raibh maith agat
Mozilla Ireland Team

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IRC Meetup: October 2nd – 21:00



Hello everyone!

Once again we’ll be hosting an IRC Meet Up meeting on Thursday, October 2nd @ 21:00 The meeting will be relaxed and open to all. It will serve as an open floor for new and interested mozillians to get involved, ask questions and help us grow Mozilla here in Ireland.

This will be a good chance for new members to get talking among current members and share ideas about the community.

IRC Details

Venue: Moznet
Channel: #mozireland
Date: Thursday 2nd October
Time: 21:00
Unsure on how to connect to IRC? Follow this simple Tutorial.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Go raibh maith agat
Mozilla Ireland Team

Monthly Gathering: September 18th 2014



Another month, another gathering!

Moving on from our last gathering in August, we will be having a gathering on Thursday 18th of September. This gathering will be held at FX Buckley’s Bull & Castle Bar and Restaurant from 7pm. We will be located upstairs, just look out for Mozilla/Firefox T Shirts!

Our goals for this gathering are to build on from our previous two gatherings.

  • Welcoming old and new faces to Mozilla Ireland. Got a friend or a co worker who might be interested? Bring them along!
  • How to get involved with us and the Mozilla Project
  • Open floor discussions on open source in Ireland
  • Preparations for our showcase and presentation at Pycon Ireland 2014


Gathering Details

Venue: FX Buckley’s Bull & Castle Bar and Restaurant
Date: Thursday 18th September 2014
Time: 19:00

Meetup Event: Clicky!

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing your experiences and idea’s!

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Go raibh maith agat
Mozilla Ireland Team